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Why You Should Use Calathea Plant to Decorate Your House


Calathea plants are found in Amazon rainforest which is the world's biggest tropical rainforest. You can bring Amazon's exotic beauty into your home if you like because through it you will make your home the most amazing and beautiful. Calathea plants are the best beautiful decorative houseplant they are commonly known as striking houseplants. There are several varieties of Calathea plants where each variety has a distinctive leaf pattern. The patterns are bold and the undersides are very different compared to the top surface.


Calathea plants are well-known houseplants and they are known for different reasons. The light condition that is usually found in many houses means that there is the inadequacy of direct sunlight. The evolution of the Calathea plant is in rainforest conditions where it grows on the forest floor meaning these plants bloom out of the direct sunlight. You can choose the variety of Aloe vera you love most because they vary in sizes and patterns.


Calathea plant usually does well in moist and warm conditions in absence of changes in temperature that is commonly caused by the cold air or drafts. The essential areas are the shady as well as those with no direct sunlight. You can plant Calathea in well-draining potting compost where you will need to keep it slightly damp. During the winter you should do a little watering though you should not let it dry out, therefore, you should make a routine watering to ensure that it doesn't dry out. You should not forget to feed the plant frequently with liquid houseplant fertilizer the whole summer.


It is essential to always remove the withered and old leaves. You will not be required to do any more pruning unless you realize the shape is unbalanced. Re-pot the Calathea plant yearly or after two years because this gives the plant fresh potting compost. Divide the plant then pot all the divisions in the fresh pot keeping the divisions humid and warm. The new plant should be covered with plastic and make sure that you keep the plant away from bright light. After noting the plant is growing you need to take it to the usual growing location. Be sure to view here!


Buying Calathea plant is cost-effective since these plants are sold at different prices. This means you can buy the Calathea with a price that favors you. So when you are making the purchase you need to visit different companies selling Calathea to see the prices and make your decision on the Calathea plant to purchase according to your budget. For more facts and information about indoor plant, visit https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Houseplant.