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Why Calathea Makes the Most Beautiful Decorative Houseplant


The Calathea plant is a beautiful addition to your home. They are houseplants that are adored because of their attractive foliage. Calathea comes in different varieties and has a distinctive leaf pattern. The patterns are bold, and the top surface is different from the undersides. The Calathea is originally from tropical rainforests such as the Amazonian forest in Bolivia and Brazil. They thrive in a humid and warm environment. They grow at the base of the tree in the wild. Keep reading to know why you should consider the Calathea as a decorative houseplant.


The Calathea are so popular because they can thrive out of direct sunlight. They have evolved in the rainforest where sunlight is rare. They also come in different sizes and patterns. You have options to choose from. You just have to plant them in well draining potting compost. Come up with a routine for watering the plant to prevent it from drying out. The Calathea does well in moist and warm conditions. The plant needs to be fed regularly by use of liquid houseplant fertilizer during the summer. Remember to remove the old withered leaves. There is no need for pruning unless it has an unbalanced shape.


Also, the Bloomspace Calathea needs to be re-potted after two years. During that time you can make more plants. You will need to pot new divisions in a fresh pot. The new plants need to be covered with plastic to protect them from direct sunlight. After they get some growth, you can take them to a normal growing vocation. The Calathea plants need care for you to notice potential problems early. If there is low humidity or underwatering, the leaves will look crispy and brown. In case you are overwatering, the leaves are yellow, look mushy or fall apart. Use proprietary sprays to treat infestations of mealybugs and spider mites.


Additionally, you need to be careful when choosing the succulents plant. You need to identify the right plant for you. Consider where you want to place the plant. It needs to fit the space well. You have to consider the conditions because different Calathea houseplants need different humidity and light. In case you are not sure about the amount of care you will give the plant, it is advisable you go for a variety that is more robust. It is wise to research to know the varieties of Calathea that are there.


You will save money and time because you will choose one that is most appropriate for you. For further details regarding indoor plant, visit https://www.huffpost.com/entry/where-to-buy-houseplants-online-cheap_n_5ac26d66e4b00fa46f852d47.